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Westmount Capital Mortgage Corporation

Westmount Capital Mortgage Corporation Inc. is a mortgage banker and lender in the business of originating, funding, purchasing, selling, and servicing mortgage investments. They are an asset based lender that evaluates each application mainly based on the strength of the underlying asset, as opposed to the covenant and debt service ability of the Borrower. They evaluate their applications on a deal by deal basis with no set criteria, as such they are able to structure and customize their loans to meet the Borrower’s requirements. If it makes sense, they will fund. 24 hour commitments available, and funding as soon as their solicitor is ready.

What is Westmount Capital Mortgage Corporation?

Westmount Capital Properties provides property and asset management services to assets owned by the Westmount Capital group. See a list of their properties here.

Why Work with Them?

Up to 85% loan to value Quick Closings (possible within 48 hours). Same day commitment letter (24 hours). Competitive rates for private lenders.

What We Do

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Our Offices:

6228 St. Jacques Ouest #192 Montreal, QC H4B 1T6

200 Galleria Parkway Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30339

Call Us:

404-400-6800 (USA)
514-447-7464 (CANADA)
1-844-678-4932 (844-OPTIWEB)

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