Summary of Shopify Editions – Summer 2024
Author Brad Sacks
Posted on June 29, 2024

Summary of Shopify Editions – Summer 2024

Shopify is arguably the best e-commerce platform today. With an extensive user base, numerous e-commerce features, and an easy-to-use interface, it has become a top choice for small and large e-commerce businesses alike.

The brand’s focus on improving the platform is part of what makes Shopify a great platform for online business.

Shopify releases updates, new features, and functionalities at regular intervals. These updates play a massive role in improving the platform.

Shopify released a new batch of updates at the beginning of the summer of 2024. This blog post will discuss each update and what it means for Shopify users. Let’s get started.

Shopify Summer Updates – 2024

While Shopify has released numerous updates, we will focus only on the most significant ones in this blog post.

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While Shopify has released numerous updates, we will focus only on the most significant ones in this blog post.

1. AI and Automation Updates
AI applications in e-commerce platforms are growing every day. Using AI, businesses can automate a range of activities on their e-commerce site.

2. Shopify Magic
With the latest update, Shopify has expanded the AI and automation capabilities of the platform. You can now use AI to generate blog posts, emails, product descriptions, etc., with the click of a button. You would only believe how well this works once you try it yourself!

The update also allows you to create content in multiple languages and choose the tone that matches your overall brand style and personality.

3. Shopify Sidekick
Store operations are a huge challenge that most e-commerce businesses face every day. However, you no longer have to use Shopify Sidekick.

It is an AI Assistant that helps you with daily store operations and tasks. You can create workflows and automate them, conduct extensive research, and more. Shopify Sidekick offers instant support and step-by-step instructions to do anything in your store, like tracking inventory, setting up shipping, etc.

Enhanced Checkout Experience

Poor user experience can negatively affect sales and SEO rankings. Hence, ensuring the best experience for everyone across your site is crucial.

The new Shopify updates improve the checkout experience on the platform.

1. One-page Checkout
This is a huge improvement from the three-page checkout experience of the platform. Users can now complete the checkout in one page, effectively reducing the time on average by 4 seconds.

This is a massive improvement in overall page loading speed and beneficial for better conversions.

2. Shop Pay Updates
With many users looking to use the Buy Now, Pay Later options, Shopify makes it easier for businesses to make their payments more flexible. The latest update allows businesses to offer interest-free BNPL options and extended repayment terms of up to 24 months.

These BNPL options are also available on Shopify POS, now with the updates, to make it more convenient for businesses and users.

B2B and International Selling Tools

B2B selling is more challenging because the customer journey is slow and lengthy. Shopify knows this. The latest international selling tools update makes B2B selling with Shopify a lot easier.

1. Custom Landing Pages
You can now build custom landing pages with the help of meta-objects. This simplifies creating unique templates based on the store’s selling requirements. You can improve the design and add more product features, customer highlights, brand specifics, etc., to the landing page.

The feature also lets you communicate more product details to potential buyers for faster e-commerce sales.

2. Shopify Markets Pro
International selling is a headache for any global e-commerce store. There is a lot to manage, from taxes to compliances and much more. With Shopify Markets Pro, you can simplify international selling.

It helps you manage global taxes for different countries, duties, shipping labels, restrictions, etc. You can also manage foreign exchange and fight fraud using this feature.

Shopify POS Improvements

Shopify POS helps retail businesses manage their sales and accounting. Shopify has improved the POS with a couple of new updates.

1. POS Ship From Store
As a retail store you can now choose a retail store as the fulfillment center. This means that you can track, pack, and ship the order from your store itself. This helps you streamline your order fulfillment as you don’t need to go to the warehouse, which saves money and time.

2. Shop Pay Installments on POS
Have customers in your retail store who want to pay bills in installments? Well, with the latest update, you can offer flexible payment options to eligible customers.

You can improve your sales and customer satisfaction through this option.

Subscription Services

Selling subscription services has always been tricky for e-commerce businesses. However, with the latest update, Shopify has made it possible.

1. Shopify Subscriptions App
The app enables you to offer your services as subscriptions to your users. The free enables you to improve your customer’s lifetime value and ensure predictable income for your business.

The app is easy to set up and you can manage the subscriptions from your Shopify admin. Also, empower your users with the flexibility to skip or modify subscription orders right from their accounts.

Bundling and Product Management

Sales optimization is important for every Shopify store to sell more products and grow their business. With SHopify’s new building and product management updates, sales optimization is now more streamlined.

1. Shopify Bundles App
The free app allows you to bundle products together to improve each customer’s average order value. It also looks at user behavior and store trends to suggest products that match the insights to ensure more sales.

You can also use the app to ensure efficient product management within your store.

2. Increased Product Variant Limits
You can now add many more product variants to your store. The limit to the number of product variants has been expanded, which enables you to create more product combinations quickly without complex workflows.

Improvements in Search and Discovery

Customers need to quickly search for products and discover them, and your site must provide the best search and discovery experience. With the latest updates, Shopify ensures just that.

1. Semantic Search

This new AI-powered research capability allows customers to search for products and find them more efficiently. The feature analyzes the user’s search intent to understand the query better and provide accurate product search results.

2. Enhanced Storefront Search

Storefront query is another important element for ecommerce stores to grow their sales. With the latest update, Shopify has improved the storefront search feature to make the results more relevant.

The storefront search, due to the new update, also has more tolerance towards typos with more typeahead search options.

All these ensure a better overall online shopping experience for users.


As the most preferred e-commerce platform, Shopify is always at the forefront of ensuring the best store management experience for online store owners. These regular updates are a part of the platform’s constant efforts to make online selling easier, more user-friendly, and efficient for every business owner, small or large. The Shopify updates also bring cutting-edge technologies and advanced features to its users so businesses can thrive in the constantly changing commerce landscape.

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