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    Top-Rated, Affordable SEO Services in Montreal

    We are a Montreal-based web marketing company helping business clients gain organic search engine rankings with our team of SEO experts.

    SEO is necessary for every business, in every city, and yours is no exception. For many years, OptiWeb Marketing has established itself as one of the best SEO agency in Montreal. We have helped several businesses grow online by boosting their search engine rankings and traffic using our comprehensive SEO services. We continue to be one of the most reliable online marketing and SEO company in Montreal, Quebec.

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      OptiWeb Marketing is an SEO company in Montreal, QC, Canada providing a full range of digital marketing solutions to help businesses improve online presence and visibility.

      Whether you are looking to establish a keyword ranking for the first time or attempting to drive an existing keyword higher in the search engines, our team has the experience, expertise and tools to make it happen! We are an established SEO company, with a great track record, currently working with numerous local and international businesses to increase their online presence. We continue to be one of the most reliable online marketing and SEO companies in Montreal.

      SEO Campaign Stats

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      Jigsaw Jungle’s Case Study


      Increase in the Sales


      Increase in the Organic Traffic

      For Jigsaw Jungle, we managed to bring the total website sales up by about 385%, as a result of the rise in total website traffic by 180% in the last year compared to the previous one.Read Jigsaw Jungle’s Case Study »

      Spunt Carin’s Case Study


      Increase in the Organic Traffic


      Increase in the Clicks

      OptiWeb Marketing implemented an SEO strategy that delivered a growth of 255% in organic traffic compared to the previous year.Read Spunt Carin’s Case Study »

      Why SEO?

      SEO is necessary for every business, in every city, and yours is no exception. In our decade-long existence, offering quality SEO services in Montreal, we have come to learn and understand many ways in which a website can benefit with higher rankings in top search engine pages.

      Here is a list of some of the most important reasons why SEO is important for your website.

      • More than half of all the traffic landing on all the currently active websites today comes directly from organic searches. Therefore, getting your website optimized with the help of a reliable SEO agency can go a long way in bringing free traffic to your website.
      • When your website starts ranking higher for their relevant keywords, it’s not just the higher traffic volume that’s significant but also the quality of users reaching organically on your website that makes the real difference. These users are specifically looking for products and services that you offer, and thus, this organic traffic is likely to have a better conversion rate.
      • There’s no denying that higher search rankings display better branding value to any organization. Once you start appearing in the top results of Google’s or Bing’s first search results page, it signifies higher authority and trustworthiness for your website, and at the same time, your brand.
      • A fully optimized website is not just meant to attract search bots but it is ultimately aimed at offering the best possible experience to users landing on it. Search engines themselves will only favor those webpages which will offer a seamless experience to their users. SEO makes your website more organized and accessible to its users, eventually increasing the likelihood of conversions based on your objectives.

      Our SEO Services

      As we’ve been saying all along, no two businesses are alike. Consequently, there is no one single SEO strategy that can rank every type of website. This is why our team offers bespoke SEO services based on your industry and business objectives.

      We usually make use of a combination of services that we offer to generate the desired results. These include:

      Trafiic Stats

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      Our Process

      A goal without a plan is merely wishful thinking. Optimizing your website for search engines requires thorough planning and strict execution to achieve desired rankings. Our SEO experts in Montreal, along with our worldwide team, develop a seamless SEO campaign that guarantees 100% success for every project.

      Here is a quick overview of our workflow.

      We start by conducting a detailed audit of the website based on various SEO parameters. This helps us to understand where the website currently stands and what kind of planning will be required to achieve the desired results.

      After analyzing the current performance and authority of the website, we will compare it to the top competitors, leading the charts in the search results.

      Based on the above two activities, we will formulate a well-defined keyword list which comprises a combination of both the low hanging fruit (for quicker results) and keywords with high search volume that will drive higher traffic, in the long run.

      This is the first execution step where we optimize all of the pages on the website based on our predefined set of activities. Our on-page SEO techniques leave no room for errors.

      Alongside the on-page optimization, we will work on building site authority on various platforms through our off-page SEO techniques. This involves building high-authority backlinks for the website to increase its trust on the internet.

      As we work on a series of SEO implementations over the course of the campaign, we continuously analyze the performance of all of the activities based on how effective they have been in bringing the campaign closer to its objectives. We will then accordingly adjust our strategy for quicker and more effective results.

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      Nowadays, artificial intelligence in digital marketing is a technological slang that appears to be robotic out of a sci-fi movie. It generally builds an impression of android killers and robot butlers. However, the fact is that we are surrounded by artificial intelligence. Although it has been growing for a while now, artificial intelligence has become necessary for driving performance.

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      With the massive surge in tech-savvy and smartphone-dependent customers, more businesses than ever have started investing in digital marketing strategies in order to stay competitive. Highly rated digital marketing agencies offer modern marketing solutions including website and app design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content creation, social media and email marketing, as well as other unique marketing services such as video production and content marketing

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      Our team of web marketing experts will help you to achieve exceptional results for all your digital platforms.

      We would love to learn about your business, vision, and goals. Get in touch with us today.

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