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Android App Development Company Montreal

Android devices have gone viral all over the world and Google Play is the number 1 store in terms of apps available.

Android Application Development
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Android App Development Services in Montreal

As mobile users continue to rise worldwide, and the Android platform remains the most popular (number of apps available), it is crucial to have a quality and cost effective Android app development team.

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Android is the market leader in mobile operating systems. More than 80 percent of the smartphones sold across the globe run on some version of the Android OS. The wide range of devices working on the same platform, with a massive market share, opens up a whole new area of opportunity for businesses of all scales to market their applications on Android Play Store.

Our highly experienced android application development team at OptiWeb Marketing has been consistently developing premium Android apps for the past five years. As a leading android app development company in Montreal, we have completed over 100 projects and received a significant amount of volume/downloads for our apps. Our team consists of proven, talented and creative Android developers who can solve any task regardless of its complexity.

Android App Development Services

We will lead you and your business to success with our unmatched, affordable android mobile app development services. With an efficient process, we minimize our overhead and have more budget leeway to make your app cost effective, and superior versus your competitors. Learn more by contacting OptiWeb Marketing today!

Our Android App Development Process

Before getting down to the programming and design of your app, we will start with a very simple approach: Taking a pen and paper and thinking about what you would like to achieve with this app. The starting point of a successfully manufactured mobile app does not necessarily lie in complex coding and unusual designs, and for that reason, we attempt to address the following issues for our clients:

  • What exactly should your app be able to do?
  • How will it affect potential users?
  • What problems should the app solve?
  • How does it make life easier for its users?

During this step, we translate your ideas into visual representations. Whether you want to have advertising built into your app to earn money, or offer your app as a paid download on the AppStore or on GooglePlay, this is where it’s all decided. You can also choose the option of in-app purchases.

An app lives from its design and intuitive usability. During the design phase, we link your design requirements with the respective design guidelines set forth by Google for its Android OS. The experts from our app department pay particular attention to the fact that the user interface is attractively designed and that the user experience is unique.

Our team relies on agile android app development. Your app will be completed step by step in three-week sprint cycles. This has the advantage that you can follow the progress of your app during development. In addition, change requests can be discussed and implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Ideally, we will look after, maintain and support the app once it is published and ensure a quick update of all the latest features when the operating systems and programming languages are updated.

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Our team of web marketing experts will help you to achieve exceptional results for all your digital platforms.

We would love to learn about your business, vision, and goals. Get in touch with us today.

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