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CMWS Case Study

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CMWS Case Study

The Results

Site Traffic
Organic Users
Organic Revenue

Project Overview

CMWS is already a household name in Canada. While there has always been significant traffic coming to their website solely through branded searches, our objective was to boost online sales through organic queries.

The results started to show up within the first quarter of our SEO campaign as the CMWS website began appearing in the top searches for targeted high-volume keywords that we planned to work on.

While we were building a strong organic presence of this website through months of rigorous SEO strategizing and implementation, we also revamped its navigation to make it more organized, appealing and accessible than its previous versions.

Bolstered by a comprehensive SEO campaign and enhanced navigation, the official website of CMWS generated 160% more sales, 38% improvement in conversion rate and 58% more traffic in the last 6 months compared to the previous period. A significant improvement in the organic traffic and in the average session duration are a clear indication of the success of our SEO strategies.

CMWS Stats

CMWS’s website is currently appearing in the top 10 Google SERPs on the following keywords:

  • very small wood burning stoves
  • mini wood stove
  • small wood burning stove for rv
  • small wood stove
  • tiny house wood stove
  • tiny wood stove
  • wood stoves for small spaces
  • small wood stoves for cabins
  • micro wood stove
  • mini wood stove for sale
  • wood stove for tiny house
  • mini wood burner
  • wood stove for rv
  • tiny house wood fireplace

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