Create SEO-optimized and high-intent content for your business to inform, educate, and convert them. At Optiweb Marketing, we understand that content is at the heart of every business looking to grow. We can help you formulate your content marketing strategy and ensure constant output of content across multiple channels to engage, impress, and convert your audience. Our expert content marketing strategists will help you utilize text, image, audio, and video content to promote and grow your business. We’re confident we can provide you with the content and blog services your company needs to get discovered online.



The ultimate goal of content marketing is to tell your story. You will have to commit time and money but it undoutedbly enhance your online presence if done correctly. Content marketing is a chance to tell the world what makes your company special or better than your competition, and most certainly why your potential customers should choose you.

If you already have a website or a blog, then you’re probably already doing content marketing but maybe not as well as you should be. Most marketers will commit to random acts of daily content and the true intent and the real promise of content marketing is in employing a defined consistent, content strategy. It should work hand in hand with your company’s goals. In today’s online world with data everywhere, you must seize your audience’s attention with posts, images and videos.

Looking for professional content writing specialists to boost your online presence? At OptiWeb Marketing, our team of experienced content marketers help organizations with generating more leads, acquiring new clients and optimizing their websites content to rank higher in the Google search results.

In this cut-throat competition among websites, in the domain of SEO, content marketing stands out as one of the most distinguished and unique skills that promise incredible results in a relatively short period of time, if done properly. As a leading digital content marketing agency in Montreal, we can help you build, analyze and optimize all of your online content and transform it into a resourceful means for organic lead generation.

OptiWeb Marketing’s team of content writers and copywriters can deliver engaging, informative, educational as well as entertaining content depending on the requirements of our clients and their respective goals. We specialize in SEO content marketing, where we optimize your on-site content while exposing your website with various content-based off-page SEO activities.

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As well, we provide best-in-class custom web development services to our clients looking for unique websites.
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‘Content is King’, it’s an undeniable truth in the world of web marketing. OptiWeb Marketing highlights the importance of powerful content when we implement all of our plans into action.

Here is a list of the various effective activities from our comprehensive, result-oriented content marketing strategy:


Social Media Postings & Content Curation


Micro Blogs & Articles Writing


Infographics Submission


Long-Form Descriptive Blogs


PR Promotions


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