Jigsaw Jungle Case Study

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    Jigsaw Jungle Case Study
    Jigsaw Jungle

    From the Client

    Jigsaw Jungle

    “OptiWeb enhanced our user's experience by adding a few easy-to-use, cool features, and improved the overall look and performance of the website. They were able to solve all of our issues and still continue to work to make it even better!” — client Robert Vineberg.

    The Results

    Conversion Rate
    Website traffic
    Organic traffic
    Referral Traffic

    Project Overview

    Jigsaw Jungle was one of the web’s very first online stores, selling jigsaw puzzles online since 1994. They are one of North America’s leading Jigsaw Puzzle warehouses and distributors, selling over 75 different jigsaw puzzle brands, boasting over 100,000 puzzles.

    Many B2C e-commerce websites focus on paid social media and search engine marketing to boost their sales. While no doubt paid marketing delivers on its promise when done right, it’s also worth noting that you will most likely only get results as long as you are spending on your campaigns.

    SEO, on the other hand, might take a few months if you’re starting from scratch, once it starts delivering, the results are consistent and will last for a long time. For Jigsaw Jungle, we managed to bring the total website sales up by about 385%, as a result of the rise in total website traffic by 180% in the last year compared to the previous one

    Holiday Season is this ecommerce business’ biggest selling season of the year. Leading up to the holiday season, OptiWeb Marketing spent months optimizing the website for major sales, added relevant content and built backlinks for the company. For Holiday Season (November & December), the year-over-year improvements included:

  • Christmas Sale:  This year to previous year
  • Sale - 240.96%
  • Conversion Rate - 128.21%
  • Transactions – 164.24%
  • Revenue – 240.96%
    Jigsaw Jungle Stats

    Currently, Jigsaw jungle is an SEO powerhouse dominating the SERPs on several of the highest search volumes and highly competitive keywords in the puzzle industry, including the ones mentioned below (and many more):

    • buy puzzles online
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    • multipack jigsaw puzzles
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    • educa puzzle
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    • sunsout puzzles
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    • madcap puzzles
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