A Comprehensive Mobile App Marketing Guide
Author Brad Sacks
Posted on March 14, 2024

A Comprehensive Mobile App Marketing Guide

For many retailers, there was a time when a mobile app for their customer base was a dream or unrealistic, however, today, there is no getting around mobile apps. Consumers are everywhere, and armed with mobile phones, always looking for new offers and products or checking to see how certain businesses are rated by others.

The following article should help to better assess the potential for mobile apps for your business and to explore answers to the following questions:

● Why is it necessary to use mobile apps?
● What mobile marketing tools and technologies should you have in mind?

Before we begin, it’s important to look at the figures released by Statista on the total number of internet users from around the world. As of January 2021, there were about 4.66 billion active users across the globe!

But wait, want to guess how many of these users accessed the internet through mobile devices? A staggering 92.6 percent! That’s 4.32 billion active mobile users. Alright, let’s begin!

Mobile is the future

With the increased popularity of mobile devices, people are spending more and more time on the internet. Everything is a fingertip away, and this is exactly how mobile devices offer retailers new ways to advertise and sell products.

The increased use and frequency of use of smartphones and the mounting trust in mobile applications mean that there is a great opportunity for retailers to guide potential buyers to their business and to increase sales of their products and services.

However, the advantages of mobile app-based shopping are not just limited to businesses. Enhanced shopping experience and simplified purchasing processes are just a few of the reasons why mobile apps should be considered a win-win for everyone.

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Mobile App Marketing: Tools, Technologies & Features

Several tools, technologies, and features can make prototypical retail via mobile devices easier, more convenient, faster, and also more consumer-friendly. Below, we will briefly discuss a few of the most important changes in the world of mobile apps to help you understand how you can stay ahead of your competitors with a little help from an experienced mobile app development company, that specializes in web marketing, user experience, and design.

1. Location-Based Mobile Apps

Location-Based Mobile Apps

Location-based online services are a type of technology that is becoming more and more popular around the world. They are established with a satellite-supported Global Positioning System (GPS), which is embedded in many smartphones and tablets and enables the location to be determined with great precision. The concept is also referred to as geolocation. The use of location-based services is powerful.

There are several possibilities for integrating geotargeting in mobile apps, including:

● Shop Finder: an easy way to find a store
● Check-in function: communicate your location with your peers
● In-store navigation

mobile apps

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2. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

Most app downloads come from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. If your app is easy to find and includes all of the necessary information – you will generate a lot of downloads. The article above describes in detail the basics and principles of ASO. When it comes to simple search terms, ASO is child’s play compared to SEO, but when it comes to “big”, contested keywords, ASO alone hardly brings anything.

3. Featured Apps On Apple App Store

Apple App Store

It is a tremendous feat, and great honor for an app developer to have their app appear in the “Featured Apps” section of the App Store. But apart from honor, there is of course a business aspect that cannot be ignored.

You have significant leverage if your app is listed as “featured”, in the most important categories. You will receive many downloads without paying a cent. The downloads that you get this way improve the rankings of the app in the corresponding categories and for certain search terms, so you will receive even more organic downloads.

The most important question, however, is: how can you get your mobile app featured on the App Store? Well, besides the initial app store optimization, and also offering a good product, here are some things to keep in mind:

● Integration of the latest features of the operating system into the app
● Using seasonal content
● “Nice packaging” for your app

However, the most important aspect that will help your app gain placement in a “featured” category is a professional who has been in contact with the Apple team and has a deep understanding of Apple’s guidelines.

4. Cross Promotion On Other Apps

Cross Promotion

It’s always beneficial to exchange ideas with other app developers and publishers and to form business relationships as well. This can be particularly helpful if you are looking for more exposure and can reciprocate. This is known as cross-promotion. Your partner advertises your app on their app or their app network and in return receives some advertisement on your app.

In this scenario, it is important to speak to app developers from within your industry. For example, it makes very little sense to advertise your zombie shooter on a children’s puzzle app. But it also makes little sense to work with direct competitors. Look for apps that appeal to the same audience but with a different product.

What still needs to be considered here is a payment model. The most efficient and widely used method is to pay a certain amount per download rather than a fixed daily rate.

5. Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a very app-specific topic. This mobile marketing technique is one of the most well-known advantages for apps. Push notifications provide you with a great opportunity to engage with passive users. Caution! Don’t overdo it with the pushes, otherwise, your app and the pushes will end up being ignored or deactivated.

Push notifications used by online magazines and publishers, with so-called “breaking news”, are particularly effective. Such messages usually entice users and push them to open the app.

This technique is not only for magazines and publishers. Mobile app-based e-commerce stores can also greatly benefit from push notifications. Whether it’s a notification about updated product availability, a new product launch, or an ongoing sale, users can be lured to open the app and subsequently make a purchase if they like what they see.

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