10 Most Important SEO KPI’s You Should Track
Author Brad Sacks
Posted on June 4, 2021

10 Most Important SEO KPI’s You Should Track

No matter how long you’ve been in this website world, SEO can be really, really tricky. You can be equipped with all the right analytical tools, but even so, sometimes it gets really confusing to figure out how to make sense out of the data that you have at your disposal.

A significant part of SEO is always going to be hit-or-miss, but there are several things that you can continuously do with your ongoing SEO campaign, that will propel you higher and higher in the search rankings pages. It is imperative to know what the correct indicators are, to check whether they are working or not working or worst-case scenario, damaging the work that you have already done. So, to help you determine the performance of your SEO campaign better, here are 10 SEO KPIs that you should keep an eye on!


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